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MOAA Websites by NPD MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
What is CMS and why is it important?

Content Management Software is the key to managing your website, but not all CMS programs are the...
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MOAA Websites by NPD
Why Consider NPD?

Simple.  I build websites with all the tools your chapter needs to attract and engage your members...and potential new members. And best of all, it's all very easy to manage.  Learn...
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MOAA Websites by NPD
Recent Software Upgrades

V6 Upgrade Details

I am pleased to announce the release of my Version 6 Software!

V6 includes both improved features and new features. 

Improved Features:

  1. Account Info Pages.
    As new functionality has been added over the last year, I found it necessary to better organize things into four categories:  Administrators, Graphics, Definitions and Functions.
    Each of these has a separate pane which can be displayed in full or contracted.  Although you will rarely update these pages, you should still familiarize yourself with each.

  2. Registrations.
    In the same way as Account Info pages expand and contract based on selection, Registration pages are now divided into three categories: Profiles, Memberships and MOAA.
    Each of these can be maximized or minimized, depending on your intended task.

  3. Membership Details.
    Membership variables for individual members are now more tightly defined, making it easier to define memberships...and more difficult to create erroneous information.
  4. Membership Term.
    This change makes it easier to define memberships based on a calendar year (jan-dec) or anniversary date (startdate - enddate). You defined your membership term on the Account Info Functions tab.
  5. Home Page Graphics.
    Several additional home page graphics solutions are available in this upgrade, all based on dissolving images.  
  6. Auto Updating Admin Pages.
    You will note that all fields on the Account Info and Registration pages auto-update when a field is changed.  This eliminates the need to click the "update" button and assures that
    the changes you want are automatically updated.  Or course, if you're used to clicking the "Update" button, you can continue to do so.

New Features:

  1. Member Types.
    Previously hard-coded for each Chapter, Member Types are now defined variables based on your Chapters' membership types.  Membership types can be defined as "paid" or "unpaid".
    Only "Paid" member types display on membership application pages.  "Unpaid" member types include honorary and other non-paying categories.
    All defined member types populate dynamically and display as sublists on the registrations page.

  2. Help Videos.
    I have created a YouTube page which will included instructional videos on many website functions.  This page is linked on the Admin Menu.
    Individual Help Videos will be linked next to their respective name on the Account Info "Functions" page.  Active links will be in Red.  Those yet to be created are in Blue.

  3. Shopping Cart.
    Driven by interest in replacing "manually finalized" online orders using PayPal, I have created an integrated shopping cart for calendar events, memberships (new and renewals) and donations.

    Using this shopping cart, all orders are automatically processed, finalized, and fully funded.
    As there are external costs associated with this function, there is a one-time set up fee as well as monthly fees.
    Call to arrange a demo.
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD

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