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MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD MOAA Websites by NPD
What is CMS and why is it important?

Content Management Software is the key to managing your website, but not all CMS programs are the...
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MOAA Websites by NPD
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Q and A

Here are answers to common questions about my Website Services:

Of all the many applications ("Apps") available with your program, how do we decide which are appropriate to use with our organization?

Intially, I enable those Apps that mirror your current website.  Or, if you don't have a website, I pattern your website and its functionality on another client website that I deem to be similar

Over time, as we work together, additional apps can be enabled and incorporated into your website.

How flexible is the graphic design and layout of our website?

Because they are template-based, the basic structure is the same for all websites. There are about a dozen variants for home page layouts. All colors, fonts, font sizes and graphics are customized for each website.

Is it possible to have different people take care of different parts of the website?

Yes. You decide what person have responsibility for specific website content and I grant them permission to control specific pages and/or applications.

Some content might need to be approved by more than one person.  How do you handle that?

When a person updates content that requires multiple reviews, other named person(s) can receive an email notification whenever the content is updated.

How difficult is it to add hyperlinks or otherwise modify copy (bold, underline, font size) for any particular page?

Once you get familiar with the "tool bar", you will find that there are endless ways to modify content.

We understand that it is the Client's responsibility to maintain content, but what if we have a special request, perhaps like a custom survey?  Will you do that?

Of course, I am always available to assist you with special programming requests.  And there is no charge for this service.  Why no charge?  Because the special programming I do for you might be of interest to another MOAA website.

Can we manage our memberships online?

Yes.  The membership application allows you to easily manage all aspects of your membership program.

Can we take orders and/or reservations online?

Yes.  When enabled, the e-commerce app allows you to take online orders for event reservations, donations, memberships and merchandise using any of three payment options:  Check, Paypal and Credit Cards.

Our member meetings often include a selection of menu items. Can attendees who register online for a meeting make meal selections.

Yes.  When you create your event, you define many variables associated with that event, including dates, times, venues, speakers, sponsors and menus.  Menu selections are saved in the database, so you can print and present menu choices to your vendor ahead of your event.

How do we secure member information and other sensitive data.

First, only registered members with valid emails and passwords have access to member-related webpages.  Second, you can designate specific pages that are only accessable by members of your Board of Directors.

What happens if the webmaster (JRL) unexpectantly falls off the face of the earth?

Nothing.  You have full control of your website and domain. When my services formally begin, you     will be provided with pertinent information about your domain, your website and email server     hosts. Using that information, you would simply contact the Hosting Company to request whatever     services you desire. Should you need changes that require programming skills, they will assist     you with this directly or refer you to  another ColdFusion Programmer.

Why to you request a Donation in Kind?

Your fee actually covers expenses associated with the physical server that houses your database and website files.

The software created to drive the database and website files is considered a "donation in kind" and as such, must have some intrinsic value.

That value is measured against competitive products, based on employed technology, functionality, documentation and other IRS recognized factors.

NPD software consists of over 2400 Files, contained in over 65 Folders, comprising 140 mbytes, and over 200,000 lines of code....and thousands of hours of programming and development work.

I retain the right to claim the fair market value of your software as a donation in kind. 


MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD

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