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MOAA Websites by NPD MOAA Websites by NPD
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MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD MOAA Websites by NPD
What is CMS and why is it important?

Content Management Software is the key to managing your website, but not all CMS programs are the...
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MOAA Websites by NPD
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Major Applications

Here are some more details about some of the major "Apps" you will be using on your website:

You can customize your copy a virtually unlimited variety of fonts types, sizes, formatting, colors, links, and more.

Using NPD's integrated Calendar, you can associate numerous variables with your event, including:

  • Venue Details
  • Contact Information
  • Guest Profile and Contact Info
  • Menu Selections and Prices
  • Ticket Types, Prices, Start and Stop Dates, Will Call, other options
  • Sponsor Profile and Contact Info
  • Shopping Cart Items
  • Donations

Email Marketing

Successful email campaigns depend on attractive,compelling and relevant content.

NPD's Email App allows you to create text or html emails with extraordinary flexibility. NPD's emails have been thoroughly tested on all platforms and email services (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).

To improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, you can target your message to user-defined sub-sets of your email database.  All email campaigns are cataloged and recorded, providing valuable information about:

  • Total Number of Emails Viewed and/or Clicked.
  • Detailed list of distribution list viewed and/or clicked.

Surveys & Questionnaires
Need to find out whats on the mind of your members? Create surveys and questionnaires, then meaure the results. Survey Variables include:

  • Allow Scoring or NOT
  • User Defined or Anonymous
  • Retesting Allowed or NOT
  • Show Results or NOT
  • Enable Timer (time allowed for each question)

Take a sample survey

Contact Management
With Administrative Access Permission, your membership chairman can keep tabs on membership status, transactions and more.  All registrations searchable by multiple categories:

  • Member Types
  • Current Members
  • Paid Members
  • Overdue Members
  • Membership Term

Photo Albums
Everybody loves pictures, so we've built a powerful tool for uploading pictures in categories your define.  Pictures are automatically resized for optimal viewing on the web. Photos Folders and Photos can be arranged in any order you like.


MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD

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