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What makes a great HOME PAGE?

Visitors approach all websites with certain expectations. If you wish to make a good impression, it’s best to meet their expectations.

Here are some important considerations for a Great Home Page:

LOGO: Most visitors will look for it at the top left corner of your webpage.

NAVIGATION: People typically read left to right, and thus pay more attention to the left side of a page. Your navigation menu should either be located horizontally across the top of the page, or vertically down the left side.

PAGE SIZE: The visible area of your website before visitors have to scroll is called “above the fold.” This is where you should place your most important information. But don’t go overboard – if you put too much above the fold, there’s no longer any MOST important information.

NPD's unique "design templates" assure that your home page is both functional and attractive.

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MOAA Websites by NPD
MOAA Websites by NPD

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